Product Description

A 15 year old from the Springbank distillery with plenty of sherry notes and spice, dried fruits and nuts.

 Tasting Notes;

Nose: Fragrant with a certain richness. Notes of fruit salad and a hint of caramel, pineapple, guava and passion fruit lurk. There are notes of dried leather and old ropes. A hint of toffee sweetness and some granary toast.

Palate: Quite full and rich. There are notes of creamy fruit salad and more exotic fruit notes. There is palpable mastication from the oaked tannins with a hint of spice.

Finish: Fairly long with a gentle warmth.

Creamy, salty, spicy, sweet. Nice subtle sherry influence. Well rounded and balanced. The finish is a lovely dark chocolate and nuts.Refined and full of Campbeltown character.

Amazing product. Top of the line if you like sherry matured.


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